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CwSim – Affordable Mobile Data in 190+ Countries


Hey there!

We know you’re keen to try and see how the magic of the app works but you’re gonna get stuck on the activation screen. That’s not going to get you cheap data. 😢

To get started with the App you need a purchase our SIM card. It looks just like the one you would already have in your smartphone. Don’t worry we’ll provide a 3-in-1 SIM one that fits all devices that take standard, micro or nano sizes. (That’s pretty much every single Apple or Android device!)

Well you’ve come the right page so click select your SIM quantity and then click the red ‘Add to basket’ button.

Just remember you need an Apple (iOS 8.1 or newer) or Android (4.0.1 and up) device that runs the latest version. Sorry but you’ve still got an iPhone 4s or earlier or a Windows phone the App won’t work.

Once you’ve completed the checkout page you’ll see the links to the App Store and Play Store.

Got a coupon code?

Once you’ve clicked ‘Add to basket’ you’ll proceed to the checkout. You can enter your coupon on the ‘Order Info’ page.

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