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Provider Per GB from AUD $ Data Expiry Notes
Ezyroam $11 30 Days Rate is for UK and EU countries. Data rates may vary by country. Data is available in 190 Countries. No SIM expiry. Easy to use App for iOS and Android. Prepaid. Express shipping available. Never receive an unexpected data roaming bill.
Telstra Prepaid $267 30 Days Per GB amount has been pro-rated. Data pack is available for up to 600 MB at a time. Excess data is $3,000.00 per GB
Telstra Postpaid $136 14 Days Only valid in 65 countries. Excluded countries are $3,000.00 per GB
Optus Prepaid $500 PAYG Valid UK and EU. Zone 1 countries only
Optus Postpaid $100 10 Days $10 / per day in Zone 1 countries in addition to your existing monthly plan. All other countries and excess usage is $1,000.00 per GB
Vodafone Prepaid $70* 14 Days *When purchasing 2 x 500 MB data packs. 1 GB data pack not available. Valid in 50 countries.
Vodafone Postpaid See note Per your plan $5 per day in addition your existing data plan in 55 countries. No additional fees are payable when roaming in New Zealand. All other countries are from $1,000.00 per GB
Aussie Sim $70 PAYG Valid UK and EU
Coles Mobile $150 PAYG Valid UK. Billed in 10KB increments
Flexiroam X $65 90 Days 100 countries. Includes a SIM. Current promotional rates are $36.39 per GB (as at 11 July 2017)
GigSky $46 30 Days Valid UK and EU
JT Travel SIM $870 30 Days Valid UK and EU
Know Roaming $150* PAYG Valid UK and EU. *Unlimited data packs are available in select countries for $10.50 per day.
Travel Sim $25 14 Days $25 valid UK and EU countries
Woolworths Mobile $65 90 Days Valid UK and EU. Current promotion is $25 per GB in EU valid until 01 July 2017
WorldSIM $54 30 Days Valid UK and EU
**Table is for reference only. Comparison rates used are as of 18/06/2017 and are approximate due to currency fluctuations. Always check the respective mobile providers for current rates.