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Refer a new customer to our site and when they make a purchase you receive 10% of the sale

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Step 1

Sign up for an Ezyroam Account
Information! You require a PayPal account to become an affiliate

There are three steps to becoming an Ezyroam affiliate. These include getting a PayPal account, signing up for an Ezyroam account and then registering to become an affiliate.

If you don't already have a PayPal account please sign up for one here.

Once have a PayPal account visit the My Account page. If you already have an Ezyroam account simply sign in. Otherwise complete the fields. For 'Payment email address' you need to provide your PayPal email address as this is where your commission will be deposited.

Step 2

Activate Affiliate Dashboard

Click the 'Become an affiliate' button to register as an affiliate.


Step 3

Affiliate Dashboard

After you have enrolled as an affiliate you may need to refresh the page for the dashboard to appear. Click the link 'Dashboard'. The 'Stats' and 'Menu' headings should now appear.

Step 4

Link Generation

Click on 'Generate link' under the 'Menu' heading. Here you will be able to generate an affiliate link by inserting the full URL of any Ezyroam page into the top box. Click the 'Generate' button. Then copy the Referral URL to use on your website or blog. Each time a person clicks your unique affiliate link and makes a purchase you earn a commission.

Step 5

Payment Notifications

You can choose to  receive an email notification each time an affiliate commision is pending or is paid. To do this go to 'Settings' under the Menu heading. You can also update your PayPal email address from this screen. To track your current commisions simply refer to the 'Stats' in the main affiliate dashboard.

If you have any questions regarding our affiliate programme you can always contact us.

Ready to start earning commission?

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